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4 free webinars in September & October 2020


These webinars are designed to raise you up. Especially now, some people feel the need to raise trust, power, resilience, and general well-being. Some also long to feel a stronger sense of self, peace of mind, empathy and togetherness. 

Living in this material world, with all its distractions, seductions and challenges, it's not always easy to keep an even mind. However, it's up to us how we deal with the outside world and how much we allow ourselves to be distracted and affected. Allow: it's a word I use quite often, because we can control our mind, our feelings and our reactions to whatever is happening. And once you take time to focus on you and your inner world, you'll notice the outer world will affect you less. Instead of being drawn into the fuss all the time, you're becoming the observer. 

I already had various subjects in my mind, but one day I became totally inspired by some songs, starting with "Raise It Up" by Florence & The Machine. So, one thing led to another.

Just like you tune in to your favourite radio station, you can attune to you. Awareness and development is a life long experience. Exactly how much focus, effort, commitment and joy (!) you put into it is your choice, dependent on your situation and lifestyle. Note there's no such thing as THE way, or THE format. Should any tutor tell you, you should run (if it's live) or leave the meeting (if it's Zoom) and let them keep the money to re-educate him- or herself. 

We are beings with a unique personal make-up, perception and intention and capable to do anything within our potential.


If you're ready to raise up yourself and others in a group of likeminded people, this is a place to start. Feel free to tune in!

The duration of each webinar is 45 minutes. I will start with a tutorial on the subject and an exercise to take with you. 

I will also reserve a moment for Q&A. 

There is a certain order in the webinars, but you can attend them separately.





Netherlands 20.30 -21.15 CET

Portugal/UK 19.30 - 20.15 GMT

USA 11.30-12.15 PDT

Aruba 14.30-15.15 AST

I look forward to seeing you!


The Question of U

Who am I? A question that's been bugging us since the beginning of mankind. Don't expect to get all the answers in 45 minutes. 


What Are Words Worth

They don't always come easy, sometimes we're lost for them, but they are worth a lot. They are extremely powerful.


You Get What You Give

It's all about intention and attitude. 

And by the way, karma doesn't have to be a bitch. 


Shiny, Happy People

Of course not! Well, at least not 24/7, but we sure do have our moments. If we allow them to happen...


Let It Happen

A 4 minute video about life and death. Makes you think about your own life.

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