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SENSE, a beautiful English word, encompassing all the elements we possess naturally: awareness, reason, sense, feeling. There's absolutely nothing paranormal or spooky about this. Nobody knows you better than you do and all answers can be found within you. And the beautiful thing is: it's already available for use. If you want to, because the choice is yours. The more you're aware of your self, your mind, your senses, your feelings and your intuition, the stronger you are. It all makes SENSE...


This online magazine (58 pages) contains short chapters to help you gain insight in different, intuitive ways. They're not lengthy articles on psychology, philosophy, etc. I like short, sweet & simple. Because sometimes life is complicated enough! But more importantly, there's only one source: YOU. You are the experience expert of your life, nobody else can stand in your shoes and figure out why you think and act as you do.


Therefore this liv-ezine. Apart from being a down-to-earth magazine with explanation and inspiration, it's a living document: it's about you! You can use it in your own time and pace and compose your own magazine, on which you can fall back any time.

Make something beautiful of it. After all, it's your life! 

preview (English):

SENSE will be sent in PDF (English or Dutch).

You can order SENSE for EUR 20.

And... you receive 15% discount on a private consultation!

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