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I was born 4 October 1967 and I grew up on a house boat in the centre of Amsterdam, near the Red Light District. Back then in the 70's and 80's a rough neighborhood. My parents owned a cafetaria and as a young girl I had to help out. We had all sorts of customers: I remember the local birds of paradise, junkies, sex workers, office personnel and tourists from all over the world. There were some memorable moments: gospel singers from USA who sang a song for me, RAF pilots telling their stories and a group of Indian people handing me a plastic bag filled with coins. 

All those encounters - crazy, funny and scary - shaped me and my life. Not only did it make me very streetwise, it also made me realize that I could see people for who they really were, no matter what culture, background, profession, etc. Looking back I know these experiences laid the foundation for my work as a medium today. 

You can rise above your raising

and decide who you're going to be.

My first job at the age of 17 was at a stockbrokers office, initially a summer job but soon fulltime, meanwhile studying in the evening.

I hold a master's degree in law, with minors in extended criminology, forensic psychiatry and juvenile law. Human behavior always fascinated me, reason why I chose those minors as well as an introduction in psychology. And with a more than average interest in deviant behavior I also studied criminal profiling. 

I have more than 30 years working experience in commercial organizations, of which I have worked as a legal counsel for over a decade. 


There's more to life though than work, so I have always done other things besides it for the betterment of self and others. As a certified aerobics instructor I taught at the House of Detention in Amsterdam, amongst others. And for two years I volunteered for 113online, a Dutch suicide prevention organization. At the moment I'm a volunteer coach for JINC.

I've been intuitive since I was young, which is being expressed in a stronger intuition, premonitions and the ability to link with the spirit world. Mediumistic and traditional natural healing abilities run in the family, my surname originated in Bajitpore (now Bangladesh).

Amsterdam has been my hometown all my life. I work throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

My awareness and intuition are the most important things in my life. No one knows me and my inner self better than I do. And yes: at times I made some decisions contrary to what I already knew and felt, which left me saying: "I knew it!" I did know, but I didn't act on it, because I was distracted for some reason. Because that's what happens: we get distracted, attracted or seduced by people or circumstances, whilst deep down we know what's good for us and what isn't. But hey: we're human!


In 2007 I felt I needed to focus much more on personal/spiritual development and awareness, helping others in (re)discovering and unfolding their potential and power, learning to trust their innate intuitive abilities. That's when I stopped being an employee and became a self-employed professional.

Meanwhile I had some incredible and amazing experiences and in investigating these phenomena I discovered the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK), where I've attended many, many courses.


Since 2008 I've been working as a spiritualist medium; in 2014 I attained the platform accreditation of the Spiritualists' National Union (UK) for demonstrating mediumship.

Life is not about lessons,

life is about experiences.

Life is a chain of all sorts of experiences and way too short to my opinion not to enjoy and explore it. There is so much to see, hear and experience, near and far. 

When I'm not working, my time is for my loved ones and the things I love most: travel, sport (for now running & surfing) and music. I love music, whether it's singing, playing or going to concerts. I can't imagine a life without it!

Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone.

I especially love working with younger people, I love their energy. I also feel more attention needs to paid to personal development at a younger age. Raising awareness and promoting a stronger sense of self of young adolescents will help them discover their potential and encourage them to express it. As one of two guest lecturers I spoke on "intuition and passion in entrepreneurship" at the Amsterdam Business School in 2014. Since 2015 I'm a volunteer coach for JINC, coaching groups of high school students at various school projects in Amsterdam. 

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