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In February 2019, my third visit to Aruba, I organized an evening of mediumship and private consultations for the very first time.

I was overwhelmed by the interest in this subject and the amount of media coverage!

A lot of people asked me if would come back to do workshops intuitive development/mediumship and private consultations,

so I did in October 2019.

In 2022 I organised consultations and the workshop "Be Your Own Medium" in Curacao.

And I'll be back in Curacao in May 2023!


(Dutch or English): 

22-26 May 2023


Duration consultation is approx. 50 minutes, NAF 145.

And... you'll receive a free copy of SENSE-livezine!

For bookings and more info, click here or Whatsapp +31 6 41524548

CURACAO 2023  


SATURDAY 20 MAY 10.00-14.00

Be your own medium? Really? Yes! Because ultimately you are defined by your essence: your spirit, which is a limitless source of energy, love and inner wisdom, and the moment you were born you have been given two important natural things to express it: instinct and intuition. There's absolutely nothing paranormal or supernatural to it. You’re a medium in your own right already, chances are you are using your intuitive skills and expressing your spirit to a certain degree in your private life, work, volunteering or hobby. 

Some people think of their intuition as "lost" or "unreliable". It can’t be lost, since it’s already there! And it’s not unreliable: it requires a certain state of awareness, trust and attunement. Intuition is an energy in the here and now and like you're tuning into a frequency of a specific music station, so are you tuning into the frequency of your spirit, of others or places you live, work or visit. Call it Spirit FM!

My workshop helps you to move beyond the material and physical, gain a stronger sense of self and your potential, a better understanding of your sensate abilities and how to tap into them in your daily life. Because mediumship is a way of life, it’s not something you “do”. You’ll find you may need to adjust your thinking patterns and habits.

Most participants experienced an increased self-trust and confidence by using the workshop practices. Others felt healing, slept better, remembered their dreams or experienced an increase in synchronicity (= being in the present in tune with your surroundings). 


We start with a meditation, followed by a short lecture and then.. you can really let your spirit roam. I’ll guide you through the various exercises, which I prefer to call experiences, in 1-1, small groups or group session. These experiences offer plenty opportunity for you to practice, explore and experiment in a safe space. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of your energy and intuitive skills, you’ll also find out how others perceive you. That's a bonus!

We close with whatever I feel is needed at that moment: healing session, (music) meditation, visualization. 

Please note the workshop is English spoken (unless everyone understands Dutch) 
There will be a limited amount of participants, so each participant will be monitored properly.


What is included?

  • Physical workbook & journal to accompany the workshop and for follow-up in your daily life. 

  • A 15-minute online personal spiritual assessment with feedback.


NAF 100

To secure your place, payment (via PayPal) is required at the latest 12 May 2023.

For more information and application, please click button below.

Topics workshop in a nutshell:

  • Explanation on sense of self, balance between body, mind and spirit. It all starts with the basics, you can’t run before you can walk... Development is dependent on (the awareness of) your personal make-up, experiences and lifestyle. First you need to do some proper self-research and establish your relation between mind, body and spirit. The greater your consciousness and the ability to reach the state of harmony between the three, the easier it is to connect on a psychic and mediumistic level.

  • Building confidence and trust, learning how to surrender to what it is you sense. The power of (your) spirit and intuition is always there. It requires the right condition, intention and focus to be fully aware of it. We will exploring different states of awareness, also to understand the difference between a psychic and mediumistic connection. 

  • Investigate how your intuition is working for you. There’s no such thing as THE WAY. In-tuition = learning from within, so it solely works with your unique library of experiences, feelings, emotions and words: what do you get when you attune to yourself or blend your energy with others or your surroundings? Do you feel your intuition fails you in certain areas of your life, if so, which ones need your focus?

  • How to use imagination. You need to be able to move beyond you and what you know. It’s your mind holding you back, there are no boundaries in whatever you can perceive. ​​


Remember: the purpose of mediumship is to become whole, to heal and to help yourself and others move forward.



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