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you are unique

You are you, defined by your soul. There's is no one like you, therefore your soul is your signature. Think of "soul" as: "Signature Of a Unique Life". Not the clothes you're wearing, the titles you have or the work you do. They may express in some way who you are, but ultimately everything you do in your life and every decision you make is based on what's inside you and the way you express your essence in life.

So, let me share some of my soul rules,

because your soul rules.

everything is possible

Don't limit yourself. Your spirit is free to roam and limitless, like in your dreams. Your mind isn't. It's local and confined because we think in certain ways, and therefore limited. Dare to dream and daydream - something we should do a lot more, absolutely nothing wrong with that. Allow yourself to have fantasies, big plans etc. 


You need to have imagination to expand and move forward, so dare to visualize and imagine yourself actually doing it. Doesn't matter how big or small. 

Don't think or say: I can't or I don't know if I can do this. Chances are there 's already someone waiting to say that to you. Don't let that person be you!

you need FEaR!

Most decisions in our life are influenced by the fear factor:

we stick to what we know and what we have, that's easy and playing safe (in some cases sadly not safe at all).  

But what if you use FEaR?

Faith, Effort and Risk are important ingredients for a more fulfilling life in which you can allow yourself to be you. 


Have FAITH in who you are and your qualities. You do the best you can, that's all you can do! 

I've accepted who I am, what my qualities are and what I'm capable of. And I know my shortcomings and my boundaries. 


You have to put EFFORT in what you're aiming for, simply because it won't work without your energy.

Whatever it is, it needs to have your focus, your input, your commitment and your dedication.

And yes, sometimes we have to make sacrifices to reach our goal.

Make it yours, not someone else's. Life is about living YOUR experiences, not OTHER's expectations.



You need to take RISKS.

Scary! But necessary. We're not always sure what the outcome will be and as a human being most of us want to know what lies ahead. We crave security and certainties and aren't particularly fond of changes. 

I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who stated there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.
Well, some smart people know how to evade tax, but when it comes to death: no way! And this should prompt us in accepting the fact we only have so much time. Once you accept this, you'll live life differently.

If you don't go out on a limb you can be sure of one thing: nothing's going to change...

you follow your gut, not your heart

Love, fear, stress, anxiety, grief, joy: where do you feel it?

Exactly, in your stomach (which in some occasions makes you run for a bathroom).That's the gut feeling. Follow that! 

A heart may look more appealing in pictures, but we actually feel and connect through a different part of our physical and non-physical body. 

you create your own SpiRituals

You're the sum total of everything you've experienced in life, maybe even of those who came before you. But you are still you! 

It's up to you to create your own life and your own rituals, no one dictates yours. 

Don't be afraid to feel inspired. Inspiration - in spirit - leads to creation: the creation of you. 

Stop comparing and start caring for you. 

We are our own worst enemy by talking ourselves down, by saying how much better someone else is. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in Self-Reliance (1841): in nature everything just is, there is no comparison

Believe it or not: we are a miniature version of nature. And we can't deny our nature... The moment you do, you'll notice things will not align with you, for some with nasty side-effects. 

So focus on you and your nature rather than the outside world, meaning: from "'DO-ing" to "BE-ing".

Care for you and nurture your qualities and capabilities. The more you pay attention to yourself (please note I don't mean this in an egotistical sense), the less the outside world will affect you and distract you.

That's how you stay in your power and keep your balance, which moves you and others forward.

you enjoy life

as much as you can

Sometimes easier said than done!

This life will give us all kind of experiences: the good, the bad, the ugly and sometimes very ugly. We can't change what happened, but we can change our attitude towards what happened or is about to happen. 


Since life is so short, enjoy it while you can.

Find a place that makes you happy, it can be anywhere.

Have people with you who raise your energy instead of pulling you down. People who listen, people with whom you can laugh and cry. Even if it's just one person.

Take care of yourself: in body, mind & spirit.

Because balance is key: your balance is your power.



I WISH YOU HEAVEN (to quote Prince)


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