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I believe education and awareness play crucial roles in shaping individuals and societies, and besides consultations I organise various workshops, lectures, and webinars in the Netherlands and abroad. Through these interactive platforms, knowledge is shared, ideas are exchanged, perspectives are broadened, connections are made or restored and healing is taking place.


My workshops, lectures and webinars will help you gain a stronger sense of self, a better understanding of your sensate abilities and intuition and enhancement of your potential. It's to enhance your understanding of you and your essence, to promote personal growth, and to empower you to make informed decisions, staying true to you. Because you can't deny your nature...


This way we can cultivate a knowledgeable and conscious society, driving positive change in numerous spheres of your life. And by helping yourself move forward, you help others move forward. In my opinion, this is what spiritual development is all about! 

Even though I've been doing this work for quite some years, I'm always amazed to see what can happen once people allow themselves to shift their awareness and intention: opening a door to insight, confirmation, acceptance, assurance, healing, connection, (self)love and... joy, even when life throws stuff at us. 

I look forward to work with you! 

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Thank you for the magnificent weekend. This experience was so enlightening to me that I don't have words to describe it. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat. It made me, all around, more aware of who I am and what surrounds me. 


I had a wonderful experience with a lovely group. Some fun and eye-opening exercises I won't forget! 


I still cannot thank you enough for the various series of intuition and mediumship courses you have given, and which it has been my privilege to attend. Your excellent tuition and enthusiasm was a joy.


I love your down to earth and supportive approach. I didn't know what to expect, but it sure was an unexpected experience. It also helped me understand some things I wasn't really aware of.


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