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The Question of U

It's very simple: whoever you are and whatever you do, it all starts with you and the way you think and act. No one knows you better than yourself, but how well do you know and acknowledge yourself?

Awareness is a key factor to find and keep the balance between the four pillars of wellbeing: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Often we settle for a (short term) material solution, neglecting some of those pillars, rather than focussing on a (long term) natural solution for our total wellbeing, using the power within us. The only way to achieve this, is to be willing and able to reflect regularly, to see yourself - and more importantly accept and trust yourself - for who you really are.

Most of us go to the dentist, hairdresser, etc. We spend quite some time maintaining our physical appearance. How about taking some time becoming aware of and maintaining your mental, emotional and spiritual being? What is (the status of) your personal "make-up" and physiology right now?

Being aware is consciousness, not just of your self, but also being able to perceive your relationship between you and your environment. Have you ever thought about the - conscious or subconscious - influence of your family DNA in terms of personality traits, history etc.? And how do cultural factors - past and present - affect you and your being today, in thoughts, expression and actions? 

Just a few questions to start with... because there's so much which makes you YOU. The answers lie in the questions you (dare to) ask yourself.



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