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You Get What You Give 

I believe this phrase needs some clarification, or maybe an alteration: You Get How You Give.

What's your intention and attitude? An intention is the seed given life by your underlying thoughts, words and actions. It's not as much what you give, it's how you give it.

What is the real motivation behind your intention? Setting intentions based on feelings of fear or necessity will only perpetuate more fear and feeling like you never have enough. Once you set your intentions from a place of honouring your self-worth and qualities and with the desire to create something which not only helps you but also others move forward, you'll receive so much more, not just materially.

I've noticed some things in life are beautifully mathematical, like the sun rising and setting, the moon cycle, seasons, animal behaviour, our bodily functions. Some people use maths in interactions with others: "you scratch my back, I scratch yours", a "win-win situation" (brrr....), "what do I get in return" or another calculated way of interacting, aiming or hoping for a reciprocal service in the short or long term. We're so focussed on goals and results, on measuring and keeping tabs. 

Notice what happens once you focus on the right intention and your way of deliverance. Openness, integrity and generosity create goodwill and can lead to more fulfilling experiences and results. The outcome is linked to your attitude, which is your responsibility. Now, some people use the phrase: "karma is a bitch". Thinking or saying that is an act (and reaction) in itself, with a corresponding weight and result in the energy you're emanating. Since we're all sentient beings, we not only carry this with us, but we emanate it to others. Think about it.... What do you want to emanate?




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