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Shiny, Happy People 

Let's be honest, we can't - and we don't want - to be shiny, happy people all the time. There's no such thing as 24/7 happiness and joy, because life will give most of us all sorts of experiences: the very good, good, the bad and the ugly. Somewhere in between these moments are moments where we can experience joy and happiness.

Besides that, we do like the action, the drama, the fuss and the thrills. That's why books about misery sell. No one reads 100 pages about smiling babies. It's boring. That's why people invented horror movies and are pulling pranks in dark elevators with a girl resembling Samara from The Ring. 

Joy starts by paying attention to you, right here, right now. To just being you. As humans we tend to look back or forward quite a lot. Looking back we can feel anger, frustration or regret. Looking forward our mind is making up all sorts of things, based on a non-existent reality. Things may happen, but we have no control. Allowing yourself in a space where you can experience joy is one thing you can control and where you don't experience the aforementioned feelings and emotions. Being in a moment of joy creates spontaneity, inspiration, creativity and flexibility. It has a tremendous effect on your self-esteem, self-reliance, resilience and overall well-being. The joy of you if also the joy of others. It rubs off, it's contagious!

We live in a culture that puts so much value on self-improvement ("be the best version of you") and not nearly enough value on self-acknowledgement. Be kind to you. You're reading this, which means despite everything that happened you're still breathing. You're still here. You definitely live life differently if you celebrate who you are, what you're capable of and what you've achieved. That's when you shine. And there's nothing wrong for complimenting yourself by getting this far. If you won't say it, I will: KUDOS TO YOU. Keep shining.



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