private consultation

A private consultation can be psychic and/or mediumistic, depending upon the needs of the recipient. In a psychic reading I work with you and connect with your essence. I will tell about your experiences so far and your potential. It's an opportunity to look at yourself from a different point of view, spiritual rather than material/physical.  

The type of consultation is entirely up to you and your needs. Most of the times a consultation is a combination of a psychic and a mediumistic reading. The latter means I convey information from loved ones who passed on. The information can be anything and anyone can come through. So it's important to keep an open mind, since I'm not the one who “summons” them, they're here at their own volition. 

Spiritual development is a pathway open to all of us. The past years I've seen people from all walks of life and with various professions, f.e. in business, education, police, military, healthcare and entertainment. 


A private consultation is to help you in your personal development, it gives you insights and understanding about your essence and brings healing where needed. 

Price: EUR 75 (duration approx. 50 minutes)

I also work via Skype/facetime

Consultations in Dutch or English

personal & intuitive development

Life is first and foremost about awareness and personal development. Living in this material world, it is not alway easy to keep an even mind and to find balance between mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. The only certainty in life is that we will be experiencing the good and not so good. We have to deal with ourselves and others in all sorts of situations and sometimes we are misled, seduced or distracted, or we allow ourselves to be misled, seduced or distracted!

Awareness and empowerment are key factors to find and keep the balance between the four pillars of wellbeing: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Often we settle for a (short term) material solution, neglecting some of those pillars, rather than focussing on a (long term) natural solution for our total wellbeing, using the power within us. The only way to achieve this, is to be willing and able to reflect, to see yourself - and more importantly accept and trust yourself - for who you really are and who you are supposed to be. And to trust the one thing we have all been given at our birth: our spirit. Our essence, our compass. A completely natural thing, there is absolutely nothing paranormal or supernatural to it. It is very simple: whoever you are and whatever you do, it all starts with you and the way you think and act. No one knows you better than yourself, but are you willing to trust yourself in whatever you do?

My workshops will help you gain a greater sense of self, a better understanding of your sensitivity and intuition and enhancement of your psychic potential. Intuitive development is open to everyone and no matter who you are or what you do, you will find that it gives you reassurance, trust and confidence. 

mediumistic development

before i move on, did you know...

Mediumship is as old as mankind. Throughout history there have been mediums, prophets and seers. Now, not that long ago people would consider me a witch, practicing the "dark arts". But nothing could be further from the truth. Mediumship is about moving this world and its inhabitants forward, tuning in to the essence of the people and the nature that surrounds us. 

Did you know that influential statesmen, kings and queens sought counsel had - and still have - a spiritual advisor?

Abraham Lincoln had several sessions with a medium, which encouraged and inspired him in writing certain parts of the Emancipation Declaration. Acclaimed scientists and writers were involved in spiritualism, like Alfred Russel Wallace, Thomas Edison, Arthur Conan Doyle.  People who have upheld spiritual principles were involved in reform and emancipation movements, such as:

Robert Dale Owen (socialist reformer), Victoria Woodhull (the first female stockbroker at Wall Street and the first female to run for presidency), Frederick Douglass (a former slave who became one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement).

Winston Churchill - being quite psychic himself - consulted a medium for advice and guidance. 

In this day and age: Steve Jobs had a spiritual advisor, Barack Obama has one.  

Their common belief was and is that we're governed by natural laws and principles superior to material laws: 

morals, ethics, integrity, sincerity, justice, human dignity and common good. 

So, nothing to do with spooky stuff or dark arts!

In this life we are all able – but not always willing – to connect with each other on a psychic level and to look beyond someone’s appearance, job title or backgroud. Those are all material traits. So, we can all be psychic, but not everyone is mediumistic. Having a mediumistic ability means that you're able to lift the veil between this material world and the spirit world and to blend with the consciousness of people in the spirit world. They are as real as the people in a physical body. 


Being a medium means to be able to get in an altered state of consciousness where you can touch the vibration of the spirit world. Since it is a two way communication, it means time is needed to unfold this form of communication, depending on the personality and life(style) of the medium. A warning for those who are in a rush:  you can not force this. In my opinion mediumship is not something you „just do”, it is a way of life. Ultimately, mediumship is not just talking to dead people. It's about life BEFORE and after death. It's a personal journey, to connect with your own spirit first, to be balanced in body, mind and spirit. Only then you are ready to connect with others – dead or alive – and perceive their feelings and emotions in an objective way. 

Mediumship is first and foremost healing, not a job or a form of entertainment!

In this course you will get plenty of opportunity to explore your way of communicating with the spirit world. We will look into the different ways of sensing, how and when to blend with the spirit world, the mechanics of communicating and the philosophy of spiritualism. Since we deal with human emotions on all levels, we will also look into psychology.


lectures & demonstrations mediumship

An evening of mediumship starts with an inspired address, followed by a demonstration in which messages will be given. 

As stated before, mediumship is all about healing (for both sides!) and raising awareness in order to help people move forward in their life.

I'm a no nonsense, matter of fact spiritual medium. My messages are detailed and conveyed with love, compassion, joy and humour. I love working with and for spirit. An evening like this is to bring joy, upliftment, comfort and support where needed. Not just for the recipient of the message, but for everyone in the audience. A beautiful experience to feel the essence of spirit and to witness how love continues, and sometimes even deepens.

As a medium I feel it's a sacred thing to do and not to take lightly. I serve spirit first and their messages contain things we can all relate to. All for us to live a better, happier and more fulfilling life. So, what more can we ask for? 

All we do as a medium is opening a door and see whoever comes through. We're not summoning them or keeping them trapped. No need to bring them to the light, they'll manage. Like here, there's free will and it's up to them to walk through. They just want you to know:

Hi, I'm here!

Check here for upcoming demonstrations. 

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