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2020 is almost here!

I’m excited, because this is something new, which is more personalized and focuses on your 20/20vision - in this case: your total “sense”sight, combining your knowledge, talents and intuition, in order to explore and work out your personal vision and AIM: attunement, intention and manifestation. 

In this workshop we will focus on the aforementioned three pillars, which I believe are important - and crucial - life skills.


Proper attunement means you're fully aware and tuned in to your energy. You’re the sum total of everything you’ve experienced (in thought and action), which is a vibrating energy. Your energy blends with the outer world, f.e. in your relationships and the organizations you’re part of, but also in a broader sense. Once you know how, you can tap into a tremendous field of knowledge and support. 

When we relate to life as energy in motion, and partner with the natural laws of energy for creation and manifestation, beautiful and sometimes extraordinary things can happen. Not just materially! Therefore the first step to everything is awareness of self, your spirit and your energy. What is it you radiate?


Whatever it is you want to achieve, it has to start with a conscious thought, a clear intent. What kind of intentions do you have? Are these intentions aligned with you and your spirit? What is it you do to nurture those intentions? Because everything you do starts with you. It doesn’t always have to be hard work, but intentions for sure need your conscious focus, commitment and energy. (You know yourself once you start procrastinate, it means you’re not committed!) Otherwise things won't work. Trust me on this! 



Once you're attuned and have clear - and realistic! - intentions, you will be able to manifest, not just materially, but in so many other ways. This will benefit you and others. Manifestation is the art of aligning potential, intention, thought, belief, commitment, decision, and action to achieve and sustain the greatest possible result. Whether for an individual or an organization, it is an inner process of transformation coupled with outer action and achievement. It opens the door into a new world of possibilities.


Through this intensive workshop, you will:


  • raise awareness of self and your energy

  • establish a clear intention and focus about what you want to accomplish

  • learn how to create conditions in which synergy and synchronicity thrive, knowing how to generate momentum

  • understand how to use your intuition, combined with your knowledge and talents, for inspiration, guidance and perspective

  • create an effective action plan which aligns with you


During this day we will explore your AIM  and set out your vision,  individually and by means of group work. 


Amsterdam (in Dutch) - Saturday February 8th, 10.00-17.00

Room2Learn, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 13 

Portugal (Ericeira) - Saturday March 28th, 10.00-17.30

Hotel Vila Galé

AIM high & stay tuned!

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