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Miracles can happen

Last week I felt I was about to collapse. Tired, overworked, no idea. I felt like s… to be honest for a few weeks. I left my work in a dazed state, nauseous, but somehow managed to walk to the tram to go home, meanwhile thinking – praying actually!-: please, please, please take it away. The moment I got home, it was like someone said: “just lie down with the angels”. I haven’t heard anything like that before, but I surrendered. I laid down on my bed and within a few minutes I could feel the energy in the room change. It got colder and I became aware of people standing around my bed. Someone came closer at my right side and it felt like something was literally being pulled out of my body. It all happened so quickly and I felt so much better afterwards. I’m still not 100%, the rest is up to me in the end (their words also 😄). It was a beautiful experience and a miracle to me, similar to something that happened years ago when I was feeling really bad. I’ve always known that our loved ones in spirit are with us, standby and waiting to help. They will hear us calling out to them and this time my call came from the depth of my soul. The soul to soul connection never dies, it’s always there. It empowers them and us. I’ll treasure these moments, these miracles.

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