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I'm Liesbeth Jusia and apart from being a freelance professional, once a legal counsel, I've also been working as a tutor personal and intuitive development, soul scanner and spiritualist medium for many years. 


My work takes me to places in the Netherlands and abroad, but no matter where I go and what I do: (my) spirit and power is always with me! Something I've felt all my life. To me, my life has always been about development of self, for the betterment of self and others, in order to live a fulfilling life. I love to see people grow and glow, make them aware of their own power, because the life force within us is unlimited, no matter what happens or what other people think or say. It isn't just strong with Luke Skywalker! 

Trust yourself and the resilience of your spirit. You're stronger than you think. Most of all: allow yourself to be you. Why? Because everything you do starts with you, in your private as well as your professional life. Your soul rules, therefore you have to set your own SOULrules, not someone else's.

You can find out more about me and my work on this website, but above all I hope it inspires you to express your spirit. You are not defined by a title or material things. In the end you're defined by your essence which will push you forward to do what you are supposed to do: to live life staying true to yourself and enjoy it as much as you can. And sometimes act like you're in a Disney movie.

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Free Webinar
My SpiRituals
21 February 2024


A consultation is to help you in your personal and spiritual development. It gives you confirmation, insights and/or understanding about your essence and brings healing where needed.


I organise various in-person and online workshops, lectures and webinars regarding awareness and spiritual development in The Netherlands and abroad.

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In this book (Dutch), published in 2008, I describe my and my partner Ben's experiences just before and right after he committed suicide.   

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