I offer over 30 years of working experience in and dealings with various, sometimes high demanding, (international) organizations, such as international law firms and the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

Not only do I speak the corporate language, I know what it's like to work in corporate environments.

Besides that I have the natural ability to connect with people in a different way. A way that goes beyond the material, physical and dogmatic. 
We still tend to judge and label people based upon appearance, title or competencies, which has a huge impact on the way we connect and interact. But what if we look beyond these material traits?

I consider myself a different type of business angel. I'm not a supernatural being with wings, I don't bring money in exchange for equity. 
With my experience, talents and unique quality though I can  fly in and help move people forward in their personal and professional life. For organizations a small investment with a return, one which will benefit your working environment and will increase team spirit, creativity and productivity. 

"Angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos": messenger. My message:

We're all unique. We all have an essence that's undeniable.

This essence - the soul - is the power and potential of each individual, therefore the potential for the organization.
One of my strengths is the natural ability to tap into this unseen, but most essential part within us: the soul.

So, how does it work?

Your true self is being expressed consciously and subconsciously. My strength is to link immediately with someone and see, feel or hear whatever he or she is experiencing, or has experienced. 

My work is not being limited by dogmatic theories, so I'm open to all information in whatever way I perceive it. I can't bring something new if I stick to certain formats, premeditated ideas, structures or belief systems. I don't do labels. Never mind if you're red, yellow or blue, type number 1, 3 or 5. Who are you really?

Keywords in my work: honesty, integrity, trust and confidentiality. I want people to feel safe, because we deal with emotions and feelings, which isn't always easy to express for some.

An example: in one of my previous interim assignments I started with short 1-1 sessions with all team members. With one of them I felt she was suffering from severe depression and even had suicidal tendencies. She admitted and told me that colleagues (with whom she had been working for years) regarded her as "being weird" etc., but didn't know about her condition at all. Now, if her colleagues would have been really connected and aware they would have suspected or known this, which could have led to different behaviour and group dynamics, team spirit and productivity. Interestingly this wasn't picked up by the manager of the team either. 

We've found a way to make sure she got the help that she needed, but more important: she felt someone finally actually saw her for who she was.


Just one of many examples in a professional setting.

In a private setting I have clients from all walks of life, in various professions in business, law enforcement (police/military), healthcare and entertainment. I advice them in private and professional matters.

A lot of influential people, statesmen, kings and queens had or have a spiritual advisor?

Abraham Lincoln had several sessions with a medium, which encouraged and inspired him in writing certain parts of the Emancipation Declaration.

Acclaimed scientists and writers were involved in spiritualism, like Alfred Russel Wallace, Thomas Edison, Arthur Conan Doyle. 

People who have upheld spiritual principles were involved in reform and emancipation movements, such as:

Robert Dale Owen (socialist reformer), Victoria Woodhull (the first female stockbroker at Wall Street), Frederick Douglass (a former slave who became one of the leaders of the abolitionist movement).

Winston Churchill - being quite psychic himself - consulted a medium for advice and guidance. 

In this day and age: Steve Jobs had a spiritual advisor, Barack Obama has one.  

Their common belief was and is that we're governed by natural laws and principles superior to material laws: 

morals, ethics, integrity, sincerity, justice, human dignity and common good.

Nowadays there seems to be an escalating interest in these principles, also in business. 

"the times they are a changin'..."

This world is changing rapidly, materialism came to a height in the 1980's and 1990's (I remember the crashes in '86 and '87, working overtime at a stockbroker because it was "margin call time".  You sure remember Gordon Gekko's "greed is good" in "Wall Street".)

The past 10-15 years shows a shift has been taking place. Even though "spirituality" has become some sort of commodity, there are people out there genuinely becoming more aware of the importance of the aforementioned principles. This rising awareness affects not only our personal, but also our professional life. Terms like sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are quite common now. Ethics, morals and integrity have been embedded in Codes of Conduct. 

There is a increasing awareness that we can't conduct business like we used to do. Changes are inevitable. But where to start or what to do?

If you want to effect changes, you need to be open minded.

Be willing to show your vulnerability.

Have the courage to take responsibility for your thoughts and acts.

The focus and intention to truly connect with the people you work with. 

Soul in business 

An organization - big or small, profit or non-profit - works towards a common goal, sometimes eloquently put in a mission statement. The soul of the organization is defined and being expressed by individuals, "human resources" (a horrible material term by the way). Every human being is a source. A source of life force, personality and individual qualities and skills. Everything starts from this source: it influences the way someone thinks and acts, how one behaves in relationships in private life as well as in professional life. 

An organization reflects the sum total of those individual processes and the way people connect with each other. 

Through workshops, inspirational/motivational speaking and/or private consultations I help organizations, teams, managers and individuals to become aware of individual processes, group dynamics and the impact thereof in the organization. 

Awareness is a verb and more than just being mindful. It's a continuous process in which you use all your senses, no matter where you are from or what you do, and important to move forward and develop. To have a sense of self and your surroundings and the effect your thoughts and actions have upon you and the people you deal with in your daily life: colleagues, clients, customers, stakeholders etc. How do you express yourself and how are you being perceived by others? Why do you think what you think? Why do you do what you do? And is it still working for you, your team, the organization?

Just tell me what you feel (!) you need and we'll work it out. Depending upon your needs this can be done through individual private consultations, tailor made workshops or inspirational and motivational seminars. 

© 2020 by Liesbeth Jusia - Photography: Carmen Vreeburg