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Be a force of nature

Off to Lisbon, one of my favorite places in the world, and looking forward to surf the waves of spirit with old and new friends!

On my way to the airport I noticed the new campaign of Nike: be a force of nature. Now, all these big brands urge you to „just do it”, „go forth”, „make the most of now” and „live life to the max”. This sounds a bit corny, bit it’s actually true. Even without the shoes, jeans or phone. Nike is right: we are a force of nature. As Andrew Jackson Davis once wrote: The spirit of man is a pocket edition of the great volume of Nature. And we all are a pocket edition, we all have this life force. We all have the power that’s been given to us the moment we were born. It’s only us to let people and circumstances affect our power. So, be a force of nature, stay in your own power and enjoy life and live it. No need to buy the shoes to run away from it, it’s all there. It’s the greatest gift that’s been bestowed upon us, one we should treasure and be proud of.

And now I have to run to the gate!

Love & kiss / Amor e beijo!

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