I've been watching Big Questions’ „Is there life after death?”

Quite a number of people with various backgrounds and beliefs were invited to give their view on this – for some of us – rather big question, which raised of course the other key questions: do we have a soul and if so, how do we define it? For some reason I kept thinking about this and last week I found a very short, simple explanation at a place you can hardly call spiritual: the Apple Store!

My brand new notebook had a life of its own and turned itself off several times, probably decided it wanted to pass to spirit, which to me seemed highly unlikely after being with me in this material world for only 6 weeks. Since I don’t want to part from it right now, I went to the store, where I had to leave it for repair. I had to sign for this, not on paper, but by putting my signature on an iPad. With my finger! I don’t know if you ever tried, but it looks horrible. „It’s still your signature”, said the employee of the store. So, in this world I – as a unique,physical being – am identified by material things, such as a passport, thumb print and signature. But I’m so much more than that. I know there’s a part within me that transcends the physical. A part that contains my unique essence: my feelings, emotions and memories. A part that leaves prints in this life and hereafter, though not in writing. That’s what soul means to me: a Signature Of Unique (and unending) Life.

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